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Collect 6 specimens to take home. click to enlarge specimen box.

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Trex dinosaur

On a guided tour in the Zobel Exhibit Hall you will find dinosaur eggs, dinosaur bones, petrified wood, a full-size replica Tyrannosaurus Rex skull, and a large slab of siltstone showing embedded dinosaur footprints.



Rock Discovery Center

The Rock Discovery Center is a large outdoor area where our young visitors learn about the various rock types that are quarried in the northeastern United States. Recommended especially for children in grades 2-6, the RDC experience is a great introduction to earth science.

The Rock Discovery Center is open Saturdays & Sundays at 12:00 pm, April through November.


Watch this Video
Watch this Video


Discover rocks and learn what purpose these resources have in our daily lives.

Rock Samples to Take Home

Each visitor collects six specimens to take home. For each rock type we provide instruction in how to recognize it, where it is obtained, and how it is used in society today.

Participants are given a partitioned cardboard box in which to place their samples. In this way, school students and others acquire an "instant rock collection" while having an enjoyable, participatory, and educational experience.  The rocks are already broken to sizes that fit in the boxes provided, so no tools are necessary.

Participation in the Rock Discovery Center also fulfills many of the requirements for scout badges in geology.

boy scout discovering minerals at sterling hill mining museum

Take a Mine Tour, Too

The Rock Discovery Center is an add-on option to the mine tour and is open to all visitors, provided a minimum of 10 people elect to participate.  This option adds only $4.00 to the cost per person and about 20 minutes to the length of your stay at the mine.

sterling hill mine tourists discovering rocks at rock discovery center

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