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What’s Here: Overview

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Zobel Exhibit Hall

The Zobel Exhibit Hall contains thousands of mining-related items on display, including equipment used for explosives, moving and crushing ore, mine ventilation, mine lighting, and laboratory study of the ores.  Also featured are displays of the local fluorescent minerals, and large mineral samples out in the open, meant to be touched.     «More»

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Underground Mine

A 1,300-ft underground walking tour through the Sterling Hill mine is a featured part of the tour.  Within the mine passages are numerous pieces of equipment used while the mine was in operation, plus exhibits on the mining process.  Visitors will see the lamp room, the shaft station, mine galleries dating to the 1830's, the ever-popular fluorescent “Rainbow Tunnel,” a sight-and-sound blasting demonstration (drift round) and much more.     «More»

Outdoor Mining & Art Exhibits

Numerous items of mining-related equipment are scattered about the grounds at Sterling Hill.  Here you will see sinking buckets, stamp mills, sheave wheels, crushers, ball mills, drum hoists, compressors, track drills, ore cars, and more.  Look around and you will also see bronze sculptures depicting various facets of a miner's life.  Visitors are welcome to browse the grounds adjacent to our main parking lot to view these items.     «More»

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Rock Discovery Center

The Rock Discovery Center is an outdoor area where children learn about the uses of various rock types that are quarried in our region, and then collect a specimen of each rock type to take home with them.  Economically important rock types such as coal, slate, marble, and basalt are included in this exercise.     «More»

Fossil Discovery Center

New to Sterling Hill, the Fossil Discovery Center helps our young visitors learn about fossils by digging for them in a large sand box and then taking them home.  An instructor will be on hand to tell you what the fossils are, when they lived, in what environments they grew, and how they went about their lives.     «More»

fluorescent rock from thomas s warren museum of fluorescence

Thomas S. Warren Museum of Fluorescence

Four rooms totaling nearly 1,800 square feet of exhibit space are devoted to displays of fluorescent minerals, fossils, gemstones, carvings, and everyday objects.  The museum includes more than two dozen exhibits, nearly all of which explore some topical theme of fluorescence.  A display of antique ultraviolet lights is also on view.     «More»

Ellis Astronomical Observatory Scouts observing the stars

Dark skies and powerful telescopes combine at Sterling Hill for members of our Astronomy Group to view the Moon, planets, distant galaxies, and planetary nebulae in the comfort of a covered observatory dome. 

On hand are a 20-inch reflector telescope, a 12.5-inch reflector, and a Hydrogen-Alpha telescope for viewing the Sun.     «More»

Mineral displayCollections & Archives

The Sterling Hill Mining Museum maintains collections of mining equipment, mining artifacts, laboratory and assay equipment, ores, minerals, mining-related art, and presentation memorabilia of the New Jersey Zinc Company.  We also house a library and an archive of historic mining maps.     «More»

Historic Mine Structures

Nearly all of the buildings that were in use while the mine was in production have been kept in good repair and are either part of the museum or are slated for incorporation into the museum in the future.  Times of construction of these buildings, plus the headframe and conveyor system (pictured) range from 1913 to 1958.      «More»

Miner’s Pick Museum Store

The museum Store is stocked with inexpensive items for children and teachers, including a large selection of minerals and rocks priced at $3 or less, plus printed educational materials. We also offer jewelry, books, mining memorabilia, figurines and carvings, T-shirts and caps, and a selection of ultraviolet lights.

In addition to the items stocked in the museum store, the museum maintains a thriving business in mineral sales. For particulars see the Mineral Sales section of this web site.      «More»

Visitors to Sterling Hill Mines, Miners Snack Bar

Miner’s Lunchbox Snack Bar

The snack bar and tables adjacent to the museum store are provided for the convenience of our visitors. Many people bring their own food to Sterling Hill, but our snack bar offers an assortment of food and drink items for your convenience.

Seating is provided for approximately 80 people in the snack-bar building, and an additional 180 people can be accommodated at picnic tables beneath a covered pavilion outdoors. During cold or inclement weather large groups can be seated in the Geotech Center.      «More»