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Underground Min Tours at sterling hill mining museum in northeastern new jersey

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Fossil Discovery Center
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Tyrannosaurus Rex skull in the Zobel Exhibit Hall at sterling hill

A full-size replica Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull in the Zobel Exhibit Hall.


Fossil Discovery Center

Watch this Video
Watch this Video

Discover aquatic invertebrates, terrestrial plants and fish fossils.

The Fossil Discovery Center helps our young visitors learn about fossils by digging for them in a large sanded area and then taking specimens home. 

An instructor will be on hand to help participants identify their fossils and discuss when the organisms lived, how they went about their lives, and what their living environment was like at the time.  Most of the major fossil groups are represented, including aquatic invertebrates, terrestrial plants, and fish.

kids participating at the fossil discovery cenert at sterling hill mining museum

Like the Rock Discovery Center, the Fossil Discovery Center is a voluntary add-on to the basic tour and is a fun educational experience. The cost is $4.50 per participant.

Available to Scout and Birthday Groups ONLY

Fossil Discovery Center

See Dates open to the general public.

List of Specimens that can be found at the Fossil Discovery Center.


Recommended especially for children in grades 1 - 6.

Fun learing in the Fossil Discovery Center at Sterling Hill Mining museumUp to ten different types of fossils might be discovered (for example, shark teeth, petrified wood, and lamp shells). Each paid participant will be allowed to keep six (6) of the fossils they find (usually dozens are collected).

Reservations for Groups:

In order to reserve, your group will need a minimum of 15 people for Fossil Discovery Center as well as for the regular tour. Due to space limitations only 25 people will be allowed to participate at a time. Larger groups will need to be divided (for example a group of 26 would be divided into 13 each or 10 and 16).

Reservations need to be made in conjunction with those for the regular tour by contacting the Museum at 973-209-7212.

Fossil Id Chart      Geologic Time Scale