fluorescent rocks display at sterling hill mining museum Sterling Hill Mining Museum and Thomas S. Warren Museum of Flurorescence

Thomas S. Warren Museum of Fluorescence

thomas s. warren museum of fluorescence museum entrance The Thomas S. Warren Museum of Fluorescence was founded in 1999 to better share the wonders of fluorescence with the public and to serve as an educational facility for teachers of science and technology.  The museum is on the same grounds as, and is part of, the Sterling Hill Mining Museum and is managed by the same foundation.

Through exhibits, lectures, and workshops the Warren Museum seeks to reveal both the beauty and utility of fluorescence.  More than 700 objects are currently on display.  Numerous cases of brightly glowing mineral specimens illustrate the diverse causes of fluorescence in the natural world, and an exhibit of such everyday items as drinking glasses, golf balls, plastic toys, and postage stamps reveals that fluorescence is a property shared by a wide range of common materials.  Historic ultraviolet lamps are exhibited in a separate room.

The Warren Museum currently occupies four rooms of the old (1916) ore mill at Sterling Hill. New exhibits on fluorescent art and fluorescent crystals have been added, and additional exhibits on the many commercial and industrial uses of fluorescence and ultraviolet light are either in planning or under construction. The museum houses a substantial reference collection of fluorescent minerals and is developing a library and a photograph archive. The museum also offers teacher workshops on the uses of fluorescent materials in our everyday lives.

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