Sterling Hill Mining Museums Gift Shop and Snack Bar in northern new jersey Sterling Hill Mining Museums Gift Shop and Snack Bar


Miner’s Lunchbox Snack Bar Visitors to Sterling Hill Mines, Miners Snack Bar

The snack bar and tables adjacent to the museum store are provided for the convenience of our visitors. Many people bring their own food to Sterling Hill, but our snack bar offers an assortment of food and drink items for your convenience.

rock candy for saleHot items include personal pizzas, corn dogs, Jamaica beef patties, Sabrett hot dogs and miners' pasties (Cornish meat pies, a traditional miner's lunch). Other snack items include candies, cookies, crackers, popsicles, ice-cream and gum. Drinks include the Snapple line of beverages, assorted sodas, bottled water, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. And, of course, what Mining Museum would be complete without Rock Candy!

Seating is provided for approximately 80 people in the snack-bar building, and an additional 180 people can be accommodated at picnic tables beneath a covered pavilion outdoors. During cold or inclement weather large groups can be seated in the Geotech Center. Trash cans and recycling containers are provided at all of these facilities.


In the interests of not having to mine this planet any more than is necessary, we ask our visitors to recycle all of their glass bottles, plastic items, and aluminum cans while here.

Read more about recycling: A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste.