sterling hill mines iron mine and equipment in new jersey Sterling Hill Mining Museum, NJ
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    Sterling Hill Mining Museum Tour Map consession exhibit hall Geotech Center shipping bins Hoist House Stamp Mill East Station Double Drum Hoist Area Adit Portal Rock Discovery Steel Sets Lamp Room Shaft Station Ore Pass with Grizzly Drilling Equipment Powder Magazine & Diamond Drill Rainbow Tunnel Fault Zone Rainbow Room Passaic Pit Layered Marble Drift Round Loading Bin Slusher Bucket Old Stope Edison Tunnel Conveyor Paul Christiansen Pavilion Stalactites Air Doors

    1. Concessions Building : Museum Shop & Snack Bar

    2. Staircase down to the Exhibit Hall

    3. Zobel Exhibit Hall

    4. Stamp Mill

    5. Mill Ruins / Geotech Center

    6. East Shaft

    7. Double Drum Hoist Area

    8. Adit Portal

    9. Stalactites on Mine Ceiling

    10. Air Doors

    11. Steel Sets

    12. Lamp Room

    13. Shaft Station

    14. Ore Pass with Grizzly

    15. Drilling Equipment & Surveyor Station

    16. Powder Magazine & Diamond Drill

    17. Beginning of the Rainbow Tunnel

    18. Fault Zone

    19. Rainbow Room

    20. Passaic Pit

    21. Layered Marble in East Drift

    22. Blasting Demonstration (Drift Round)

    23. Loading Bin & Ore Car

    24. Slusher & Ore Chute

    25. Old Stope

    26. Exit from Edison Tunnel Complex