Ellis Astronomical Observatory at shmm Sterling Hill Mining Museum, NJ
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thomas edison cement at new jersey mine Edison Cement
from New Village, NJ and other Thomas Edison related artifacts are located in Zobel Hall.

Education: Off-Site Contract Training

Most of the workshops that we offer through on-site training can be held at your school or other venue of your choosing, provided a minimum of five attendees take part.  Such workshops can be customized to the specific needs of your school.  Teachers interested in cross-curricular programs in their schools might find such workshops particularly advantageous.

Of the workshops listed, only the first (W1) and last (W15) are not conducive to off-site training.  All the rest can be adapted to your needs and taught at the venue of your choice.  Interested parties are encouraged to contact Dr. Earl R. Verbeek, SHMM Education Director, to discuss particulars.  Dr. Verbeek can be reached at shmm@ptd.net or by phone at 973-209-7212.