mining artifacts at sterling hill mining museum Sterling Hill Mining Museum, NJ

Educator Resources: Teacher Information Sheets

fluorescentThe Sterling Hill Mining Museum Education Committee has developed teacher information sheets that are designed to be used by teachers as they prepare their classes for a class trip to the Sterling Hill Mining Museum. They also can be used for follow-up classroom activities after a class trip to the museum.

The teacher information sheets are all aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. They are designed to extend, enhance and enrich the educational experiences of a class trip to the museum.


Teacher Information Sheets

What’s In It? How Is It Made?

This Teacher Information Sheet is intended to show the connection between the products you and your students use every day and raw materials taken from the Earth. Mining, quarrying, and oil-and-gas production not only provide the ingredients to make nearly everything we use in our daily lives, but also are the source of most of the energy needed to process those raw materials into finished products.

Teacher Information Sheet: What’s In It? How Is It Made? (PDF)

Reducing Our Dependence on Mining

How can we reduce our dependence on mining to keep the environmental consequences to a minimum? 

Teacher Information Sheet: Reducing Our Dependence on Mining (PDF)