mining artifacts at sterling hill mining museum Sterling Hill Mining Museum, NJ


GeoSTEM Summer Academy for Teachers

Sterling Hill Mining Museum

2016 GeoSTEM Summer Academy for Middle School and High School Teachers

Natural Resources for a Sustainable Future


            New Jersey’s natural resources find their origin in the state’s rich and deep geologic history. Where did all these natural resources come from? Will there be enough for the future? This 3-day workshop explores New Jersey's deep geologic history (NGSS ESS1C) to find the origin of our natural resources and determine if they can be sustained (NGSS ESS3A). The Sterling Hill Mining Museum is the perfect living laboratory to host such a workshop, but the workshop also ventures out on a full-day field study to explore the 's geologic wonders of the region, which have provided us with natural resources for hundreds of years. Attending teachers will receive classroom resources to effectively tie the content into their curriculums related to the two Next Generation Science Standards stated above. Additionally, professional development hours will be provided.


Schedule:9:00 AM to 3:00 PM each day (8:30 AM check-in))

            July 12th - Day 1: Deep Geologic Time (SHMM GeoTech Lab)

            July 13th - Day 2: NJ's Deep Geologic Past Field Study (all day w/multiple stops & collecting!)

            July 14th - Day 3: Natural Resources for a Sustainable Future (SHMM GeoTech Lab)


Audience: Space is limited to 24 middle school and high school science and technology teachers..


Logistics:Sterling Hill Mining Museum in Ogdensburg, NJ. The field study will includes locations highlighting evidence of New Jersey's deep geologic past..


Workshop Fee:: 75 for three days. You may also register for Day 1 and Day 2 only for a cost of $60..Fee includes all academy materials, lunches, snacks & refreshments..



Mobility:  The field trip may require light hiking. Please let us know if accommodations need to be provided..


Registration:: egistration opens March 1, 2016 and closes June 15,2016 


To register, contact Missy Holzer at