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Help Support Sterling Hill

As a young museum with a large potential, Sterling Hill Mining Museum eagerly seeks outside support to help us improve our operations and grow in productive directions. A few of the many different ways to help support our museum are described briefly below.


Support Us by Contributing Now!




If you are interested in contributing materials, collections, or labor, please call either Richard or Robert Hauck (973-209-7212), or simply stop by the museum for a chat. For contributions involving funding or professional expertise, please call Jeffrey Osowski at 908-310-9393 or send e-mail to jvotmo@comcast.net.


Here’s how you might fit in:

donate your time

In January 1993, volunteers took a break in front of the headframe on top of the mountain, where dirt and debris were removed to gain access to the mine for ventilation.

Throughout the year there are many projects that could benefit from volunteer help, including our local Gem & Mineral Shows in April and again in September. Our needs are diverse and include everything from manual labor to collections management.

As a nonprofit organization we receive no taxpayer funding – instead, we rely solely on income from our tours to pay employees, maintain the buildings, and cover utility costs. Although our income is sufficient to meet basic expenses, we are always looking for ways to enhance our tours and operations. Our ultimate wish is to expand the museum into the “Upper Yard,” which would require refurbishing a large industrial building to house new technology displays.

have experience volunteer at the museum

Steve Misiur and John Kolic using a jackleg rock drill in the Passaic pit.

The museum’s staff and volunteer base is rich in both knowledge and experience, but there are many disciplines in which we lack sufficient expertise to “go it alone,” or simply could use additional help. If you are an expert in green energy, computer programming, fund raising, or any of dozens of other disciplines, please call or stop by and we'd be glad to discuss how you may be able to help.

Adhering to the principle of “reuse or repurpose,” the museum appreciates contributions of many different types of materials and objects, including storage cabinets, high-strength shelving, tram rail, steel and plastic pipe, surplus lumber, window glass, etc., as well as working (or near-working) shop equipment.

The museum maintains collections of worldwide display minerals, fluorescent minerals, ores and ore minerals, worldwide rock types, mining and milling equipment, laboratory equipment, mining memorabilia, and literature pertaining to all of these subjects. We are always looking to add to these collections. Duplicate items are eagerly sought as well, for we often require duplicates for display, reference, and teaching purposes, as well as sales stock to generate income.


Ironn Miners

Iron Miners

The IronMiners support Sterling Hill Mining Museum by leading an annual tour of the Trotter Tunnel and by assisting in various public-relations measures. The Trotter Tunnel is of particular interest to the IronMiners because it was a haulage tunnel for iron ore mined from the southern part of the Sterling Hill orebody in the late 1800s.